Suggested ages:
Ages 3 to 8 years
School range:
Lower primary school
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company: La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
directed by: Bruno Cappagli, Fabio Galanti and Carlotta Zini
by: Bruno Cappagli, Fabio Galanti and Carlotta Zini
with: Carlotta Zini and Bruno Cappagli/Fabio Galanti
lights: Alex Bertacchi
costumes: Tanja Eick
Scenes: Fabio Galanti and Enrico Montalbani

Complete card

A he-wolf and a girl or a she-wolf and a boy?
It does not matter, what is important is to experience the tale we all know and that continues to amaze us. It is a story full of mysterious places, where fear and courage run together.
On stage, the two actors tell us the popular tale of Little Red Riding Hood, taking turns to interpret all the roles, both aspiring to interpret the wolf. The protagonists will become a he-wolf and a she-wolf, a little girl and a little boy, constantly entering into and coming out of the characters, just like children do when they play “What-if game”.
The props and stage design are simple but effective, with big wooden panels opening and closing as if they were the pages of an illustrated book. Together with few, essential elements (a red pillow, a basket and some bushes), they take the audience to the places of the story.
By running away and chasing each other, the characters retrace Little Red Riding Hood’s path in the woods, to finally enter the wolf’s belly.
And when they come out, they will be willing to tell the story again, just like children do when they ask their mother to read it again once it is finished.


duration: 50'

<<The two-hander brilliantly captures the energy of childhood play, as the siblings’ are interruptes by pillow-fights, plenty of chasing, and squabbles over who gets to play the wolf. Actually, the show seems to say, young people often engage in the type of experimental storytelling that many adult theatremakers covet: watching the siblings’ gender-defying, convention-flouting rendition reminded me of living-room performances that my family would put on. >>

Flossie Waite on Children's Theatre Review. "Little Red Riding Hood" has been selected as one of the Top 10 Shows of 2017.

Performance already shown in:

Cinema Teatro San Giuseppe, Brugherio (MB) - Italy - 2011
Teatro Basaglia - 2011
Madrid - Spagna - 2011
La Tramoia, Elche - Spain - 2011
Forum Metropolitano, La Coruña - Spain - 2011
Teatro Odeon - 2011
Nuovo Teatro Monsignor Lavaroni, Artegna - Italy - 2011
Teatro Don Bosco - 2012
Teatro Careni - 2012
Teatro Comunale, Russi - Italy - 2012
Teatro Verdi, Padova - Italy - 2012
Teatro Piccolo Don Bosco - 2012
Teatro Momo, Mestre (VE) - Italy - 2012
Teatro Ariston - 2012
Auditorium Centro Civico, San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) - Italy - 2012
Nuovo Teatro Comunale, Gradisca d'Isonzo - Italy - 2012
Teatro A. Ristori - 2012
Auditorium Comunale Luigi Candoni, Tolmezzo - Italy - 2012
Cinema Teatro Facchini, Medolla - Italy - 2012
Cine Teatro Auditorium, Cardano al Campo (VA) - Italy - 2012
Teatro Comunale, Lonato del Garda - Italy - 2012
La Città del Teatro, Cascina (PI) - Italy - 2012
Venezia - 2012
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A, - 2013
Teatro Comunale, Aldeno - Italy - 2013
Teatro Goldoni - 2014
Auditorium Centro Sociale di Loreto - Italy - 2014
Teatro Storchi, Modena - Italy - 2014
Vignola (MO) - Teatro Fabbri - 2015
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A, - 2016
Octoburst! Festival, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay/Recital Sudio - Singapore - 2016
Teatro Chiabrera, Savona - Italy - 2017
The Egg, Bath - United Kingdom - 2017
Take off festival, The Witham, Barnard Castle - UK - 2017
Take off festival, Gala Theatre, Durham - UK - 2017
Polka Theatre, Wimbledon / London - UK - 2017
Teatro Foce, Lugano - Switzerland - 2018

Show dates

On 05/05/2019

domenica 5 maggio ore 16.30. ETÀ 4-8 ANNI
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A,
Via Matteotti 16
Bologna (BO)

On 05/06/2019

lunedì 6 maggio ore 10.00. PRIMO CICLO PRIMARIE
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A,
Via Matteotti 16
Bologna (BO)

From 05/07/2019 to 05/09/2019

martedì 7, mercoledì 8 e giovedì 9 maggio ore 10.00. SCUOLE DELL'INFANZIA
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A,
Via Matteotti 16
Bologna (BO)
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