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Ages 1 to 4 years
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company: La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
directed by: Valeria Frabetti
by: Roberto Frabetti and Bruno Frabetti
with: Roberto Frabetti

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The story begins in a very normal kitchen, a kitchen just like all other kitchens. A kitchen with a fridge, a table, a stove, some chairs…

Suddenly, a message: it is an SOS! The message comes with unpredictable messengers: the furniture of the kitchen suddenly comes to life and it becomes a “messenger”!

Somebody is calling, asking for help, and we cannot just pretend we do not hear, we have to leave and find out where does it come from. The furniture of the kitchen will then turn into means of transport to faraway lands.

The adventure begins, and just as in a treasure hunt, will be developed step by step. During the journey, we will meet a lot of animals, real and surreal, who will help us to reach who was asking for help…

In “Adventures in the fridge” the game of transformations and sudden appearances comes along with the elements characterizing a surreal adventure.

The play is part of the series of productions considering word as the basic means of communication: a “narration theatre” in which intense communication with children has already cleared the way to several projects of collaboration between artists and educators.

The show can be performed in schools, but a free area of at least 6x6 metres is needed.

Performance already shown in:

Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala B, - 2012
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala B, - 2013
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala B, - 2015
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala B, - 2017
Nido d'infanzia, Massa - Italy - 2018
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