Suggested ages:
Ages 4 to 8 years
School range:
Lower primary school
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company: La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
directed by: Bruno Cappagli
with: Luciano Cendou, Giada Ciccolini and Daniela Micioni
lights: Alex Bertacchi
costumes: Tanja Eick
Scenes: Fabio Galanti

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In the heart of Africa, there’s an animal that lives underground and loves to put its muzzle out to smell the scents and see the colours of the world with its eyes... but it often runs the risk of getting too far from its hole.
This animal is a baby aardvark, a nice and sweet little animal that very few know or have seen. It has the tail of a kangaroo, the nose of a pig and the ears of a rabbit.
It is a very special animal, don’t you think? It is very curious and wants to become an adult aardvark very fast; we will get to know it and the phases of its very interesting growth.
It is a happy, surprising and suggestive show, in an atmosphere full of African colours.

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Performance already shown in:

Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A - 2011
Magazzino Verde, Medicina - Italy - 2011
Teatro Don Bosco, Pergine Valsugana (TN) - Italy - 2011
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A - 2012
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A - 2015
Teatro comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Pordenone - Italy - 2015
Auditorium Polivalente Primo Maggio, Crevalcore (BO) - Italy - 2017
Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala A - 2018
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